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Introducing Policy Catalyst...and Our Blog

Nonprofits are all over the map in their capacity to engage constituents or form partnerships with like-minded groups—using digital or field strategies or, ideally, some combination. Policy Catalyst has mastered these tools and methods and now would like to share them with the nonpartisan progressive* movement in Utah.

We are here to help nonprofits and state agencies to articulate and achieve their public policy goals. How? With proven community and stakeholder engagement and digital strategies, communications tools, policy analysis, grant writing, strategic planning, and evaluation. Check out our website for details on all we do.

After the 2016 Election, I started thinking hard about what the nonprofit community might need to get more deeply engaged in policy work. One thing was clear: they could no longer sit on the sidelines.

Just as important: The market for comprehensive and local policy expertise has never been greater. The new Presidential administration and Congress have signaled an interest in shifting numerous policy decisions to state governing bodies. As a result, groups that used to “sit on the sidelines” can no longer afford to do so – the stakes are simply too high. Yet many groups may not know where to start in developing a robust policy portfolio, or may not yet know which policy debates are most important to their particular constituent groups.

For example, we take the mystery our of administrative advocacy. Let's imagine your bill just became law—but now what? How that law gets implemented at a state agency level can make or break the intent of that law. State agencies can be moved to hold regular hearings. You can use these hearings to give constituents or partners a voice on issues handled by the agency.

In my experience, some of the best policy work and grant initiatives happen across or between organizations. But coalition work can get messy and uncomfortable for many. Not for Policy Catalyst: Check out our case studies and testimonials to learn more about our record of achievement and how we work.

Subscribe to this weekly blog to learn about promising practices in nonprofit policy work, proven tools and technologies to build your base and engage your members, and more.

*Progresssive is not a partisan word! Let us all take it back to mean "inclined towards progress."

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