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Our Values

  • Affordable: Notice how we don't use the word "consulting." It's because we are more like a plumber (bear with us here)...That's right, we come in and we do a job that needs doing. Our rates are reasonable because we believe in what you're trying to accomplish. 

  • Cultural Sensitivity: Your grassroots base is likely diverse. Your grasstops targets may be sensitive about how their participation is characterized. Policy Catalyst fully respects where all of your people are coming from and the assets they bring to the policy arena.

  • Flexible: we try to work with your budget and your timeline. If we can’t, we’ll tell you!

  • Honesty and Integrity: if we can’t do something well, or on your preferred timeline, we will tell you and refer out to someone who can. That's our whole business model!

  • Nonpartisan: We will not work with partisan groups or campaigns. It's just not our thing. 

  • Progress-oriented whether your group leans liberal or conservative, you can and you should make PROGRESS. We find it odd and unfortunate that the word progress is associated with liberal causes. 

  • Responsive: stuff comes up fast for our clients! We purposely take on fewer projects so we can serve our clients at their moment of need.

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